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Mahjong Toy Chest Overview

Beat the clock and clean up the playroom in the best of Mahjong Toy Chest! This uniquely playful iteration of one of our favorite games will keep you occupied for hours! Keep reading for tips and advice on how to play free Mahjong Toy Chest online today!

How to Play Mahjong Toy Chest

Your goal here is to solve the puzzle by matching pairs of tiles together! Simply click on two tiles with the same characters to match them. Only tiles that are uncovered and have at least one free left or right side is allowed to be matched!
Your Mahjong Toy Chest Tiles are split into five suits, each having its character as a different object one would find in a playroom! There are even special tiles too; when you match the guitars, the rest of the tiles will automatically be shuffled around, and when you match teddy bears or presents, your Mahjong Toy Chest score will increase!
Good luck playing the best of Mahjong Toy Chest today!
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